How to Skip the Lines at Florence’s Most Popular Museums

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Museums in Florence

Museums in Florence

Besides money, time is the most precious commodity we have when we travel – which is why it’s so frustrating to waste time standing in lines. If there are long lines for the big museums – you know, the ones you came to Florence to see – then you have no choice but to wait, right? Wrong. Travelers who plan ahead and know where they’ll be on a given day of their trip can book visits to the big museums and attractions in advance, effectively “skipping the line.”

Not every museum and attraction in Florence allows for advanced bookings, but the main ones – the ones that garner the longest lines – do. You have two options for doing this that will let you bypass the line. The first is to book tickets yourself using the museum’s official ticket website or phone number. You’ll pay a booking fee on top of the ticket price, and you’ll get a specified entry time and instructions on when to arrive and where to go.

The second is to book a guided tour of the museum that includes a timed entry, thereby skipping the line and getting a tour guide in one go.

Viator offers several “Skip the Line” tours in Florence, so you can pick the ones that cover the attractions you want to see.

If you arrive in Florence and you haven’t made any arrangements for tours or museum tickets beforehand, you can always ask your hotel concierge for suggestions – sometimes there are last-minute cancellations at the museums which you can buy. These won’t always coincide with your schedule, however, so unless you’ve got several days to play with it’s not a good idea to rely on this as the way to get into these attractions without waiting in line.

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- Jessica Spiegel

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