French Spas Use Wine for Health Benefits

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Vineyards in Bordeaux produce some of the world's best wine.

Vineyards in Bordeaux produce some of the world's best wine.

Wine, wine everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Because you’re soaking in it. Yes, some wonderfully innovative types in Bordeaux, surrounded by some of the world’s best wine producing country, have come up with new ways to enjoy the goodness of the grapes. They noticed that French people are very healthy, despite all the wine and rich food. What’s the secret? At Les Sources de Caudalie, 20 minutes from Bordeaux, they’ll share their knowledge of this ‘French Paradox’ with you, combining naturally occurring hot thermal waters with wine and grape pulp to bring you back to peak health and beauty.

Les Sources de Caudalie has been nestling amongst the grapevines of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte since 1999 and includes a hotel and spa area in contemporary designed buildings using recycled local timbers. You can opt for the full cure-all package and spend your days soaking in barrel baths, in red wine baths, having grape-oil massages, a Merlot or honey and wine wrap. There are outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, cycling, boating, swimming and jogging. And of course there’s a restaurant sourcing local seasonal foods from the ocean and the farm. And cheese. The French eat it so it can’t be bad for you.

I think one of the secrets must lie in the way the French consume all these rich foods and wines. In moderation (by which I mean one good meal a day and one really huge extravagant meal on Sundays), in fresh and pure preparations, and in combination with an active life – even if that’s just fast walking and lots of stair-climbing to apartments. Perhaps at Les Sources de Caudalie you’ll find out. A stay here is not cheap but then neither is a bottle of really good wine to drink and this will probably do you a lot more good in the long run.

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