Baiersbronn in the Black Forest

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Tucked away in Germany’s Black Forest, the village of Baiersbronn is home to some of Germany’s best chefs. Though it’s long been known (especially among Germans and Swiss visitors) as a great place to hike, spa, and relax, it’s lately become known as one of Germany’s best culinary destinations. There are only 15,000 people living in Baiersbronn, but there are more Michelin three-starred restaurants here than anywhere else in Germany.

Baiersbronn. Photo courtesy of Roman Boed on Flickr

Baiersbronn. Photo courtesy of Roman Boed on Flickr

Baiersbronn is located about two hours from Frankfurt by train (one hour from Stuttgart) and is a popular destination for hiking and biking, surrounded as it is by trails that crisscross the famed Black Forest. It’s also well-connected to other major cities as well as the small villages of the area, so it’s easy to visit for a short trip, even if you’re traveling without a car. And you may want to walk after all the calories you’re sure to consume eating at all the amazing restaurants in the area, including two of Germany’s 3-star restaurants, Bareiss in the Bareiss Hotel and Schwarzwaldstube in Traube Tonbach hotel.

The Traube Tonbach is largely to thank for Baiersbronn’s growth as a culinary destination. It began in 1789 as a bakery and restaurant, adding nearly 200 rooms, a large spa complex, and more restaurants over the years. One of those restaurants was the Schwarzwaldstube, which opened in 1977.  A little more than a decade later Chef Harold Wolfhart, a locally-born chef, joined the staff and earned the restaurant its first Michelin star.

Hotel Bariess, home of the area’s other three-starred restaurant, has a shorter history (it opened the 1950s) but is no less revered for the quality of its cuisine. Aside from eating at the award-winning restaurants of the area, foodies who visit Baiersbronn can experience the food at cooking classes held at either hotel, or on culinary hikes on which a local chef prepares food sourced from natural ingredients found in the forest.

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