Cologne Museum Night

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Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany. Photo courtesy of Carles Tomás Martí via Flickr.

Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany. Photo courtesy of Carles Tomás Martí via Flickr.

Originating in Berlin in 1997, the Long Night of Museums has become a cultural event that has taken Europe by storm, spreading to cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Basel, Lucerne, Budapest and Prague. It has also, however, maintained many incarnations within its home country of birth in the cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and, notably, with Cologne Museum Night.

Typically taking place in November, the city of Cologne participates in the Long Night of Museums by keeping the doors of its cultural institutions open into the wee hours and granting visitors a common pass to access all of the participating establishments. Running from approximately 7pm until 3am, travelers who find themselves in Cologne during the event should take care to participate.

Those who purchase the all-access pass will be able to visit over 40 different museums and art venues throughout the city, so there is sure to be something for everyone, no matter their artistic tastes. For the history buffs among visitors, be sure to visit the Mikwe, which houses the excavated remands of a Jewish bath used in religious rituals and ceremonies in medieval times. Other remnants of medieval times can be found at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, which houses primarily medieval and Renaissance art. The Roman-German Museum has an impressive collection of Roman artifacts which are very well presented. Other highlights include the Applied Art Museum and tour of the Ludwig Museum, where visitors can take in the collection of 20th-century art that calls Cologne home.

Late-night revelers and art-lovers alike will delight in this popular attraction that has become a keystone in the European art experience.

- John Reality

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