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Win the Ultimate Athens Experience for 2 + Save 5%!

August 5, 2013


Greece contest

Enjoy the best of Athens with the Ultimate Athens Experience for 2! Perfect for first-time visitors and locals alike, these tours offer a unique way to see the city and its surrounds.

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Buy 2 Athens Tours, Save 20% on Your 3rd!

July 24, 2013


From now until August 7, 2013, when you buy two Athens tours you get 20% OFF of your 3rd tour! That’s right – Buy 2 tours, save 20% on your 3rd!

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Greece’s Most Romantic Islands

July 26, 2012

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Ruins at Knossos

If you’re looking for some uninterrupted time with your sweetheart, soaking up the beauty of the Greek Isles without the hassle of crowds, salespeople, and traffic, an uninhabited or partially uninhabited island is great way to go. Of the more than 6,000 Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, only a few hundred are actually inhabited.

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Wine Tasting in Greece

June 28, 2012


The Greeks have Enjoyed Wine for Thousands of Years - This is Their Wine God

If you’re in the mood for wine while traveling through the Hellenic Republic, has no fear, you are not fated to sip retsina for the entirety of your journey. While a trip to Greece wouldn’t be complete without a glass of the aforementioned 2,000-year-old wine, your options extend beyond its resinous flavor (and terrible hangovers).

A good place to begin your search for the true flavor of Greek wine is the annual Dionysia Festival that takes place…

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The Right Way to See Athens in One Day

May 31, 2012


Temple of Zeus in Athens

Simultaneously one of the most intimidating and rewarding destinations in all of the Mediterranean, Athens is one place where it really pays for tourists to do a little advance research (particularly if your visit is going to be a brief one). Wander into the City of the Violet Crown (or City of Angry Greeks, as it is known by others) without plotting your course ahead of time, and you’re likely to end up overheated, worn out, ticked off, and light in the wallet. Happily, the number of opportunities for rewarding sightseeing and exposure to history, culture, and entertainment is staggeringly numerous.

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Rock-Tower Monasteries of Meteora

May 3, 2012


One of the absolutely spectacular adventures in pursuing Greece’s vast and historical landmarks, the monasteries atop the rock-towers of Meteora is sure to impress. Located in Thessaly in central Greece, a hike to the top of the rock-towers gets you to some of the most important Orthodox structures in the country, the 24 monasteries of the Meteora.

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