Greece’s Most Romantic Islands

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Ruins at Knossos

Ruins at Knossos. Photo credit: Robert Young via Flickr.

If you’re looking for some uninterrupted time with your sweetheart, soaking up the beauty of the Greek Isles without the hassle of crowds, salespeople, and traffic, an uninhabited or partially uninhabited island is great way to go. Of the more than 6,000 Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, only a few hundred are actually inhabited. The island of Farmakonisi is among the most famous of the uninhabited (Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates there during his youth, and he later had the entire population of the island crucified). Ferries do not stop there, but it isn’t difficult to hitch a ride on one of the countless pleasure cruisers that ply the surrounding waters. Take care to go well supplied.

The sheer size and beauty of Crete make it an ideal destination for travelers looking to combine a night or two in a village or resort with a few days and/or nights hiking through the wilds of Greece’s largest island. Bypass Crete’s 9 major cities and seek out a beautiful beach, head into the mountains, pass through pleasant plateaus, stretch your legs in the desert, check out remote monasteries and other interesting examples of regional architecture, and splash around in secluded lagoons, in no particular order. Be sure to visit the ruins of the ancient Minoan civilization in Knossos, the Gorge of Samaria, the ancient caves and former leper colony of Lasithi, and of course, the striking peaks of the White Mountains.

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