6th Annual Reggae In The Valley

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Maui, as we well know, is quite tucked away. Some 3000 odd miles off the California Coast, it sits as a somewhat isolated little rock, all alone in the water, and we all know and love it for that. It’s a tropical paradise ,and when we visit, we expect all that our minds conjure when we think of island escapes: lush rainforests, gnarled vines, exotic fruits, runaway roosters, and meandering freshwater creeks. Our perfect vacation is just to experience this escape and take with it some memories of relaxation, perhaps a night out on the town. And when we visit, we expect the music that comes with our experience to be that of the islands: traditional ukulele, Hawaiian slack-key, and reggae.

So if you’re on Maui this Saturday the 23rd of July, head on down to the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Amphitheater and Pavilion for the 6th Annual Reggae In The Valley. This is probably the hoteset reggae event of the summer and it boasts a good mix of local old-school reggae and new school island music. A good mix is welcomed by young and old, and many locals are always in attendance, so you can be sure it’s a good time. Tickets are about $10 cheaper in advance, so I suggest logging online and paying in advance, because it should complete that island dream vacation nicely.


-Hudson Hornick

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