Big Island of Hawaii

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Find a mix of city and island life on the Big Island, just keep an eye out for the volcanoes!

Let’s be honest: It can get confusing. You’re heading to Hawaii, but what island again? There are a handful of islands that comprise the 50th US state, but Hawaii specifically refers to the state’s biggest island (aptly named The Big Island), Hawaii.

The Big Island carries the torch of Hawaiian namesake for good reason. Most everything a visitor could hope to see can be glimpsed here. Nearly twice as big as all of the other Hawaiian islands combined, the dramatic size and scope of The Big Island itself is something to write home about. From the black sands of Punaluu Beach to the pristine rainforests along Hamakua Coast, to flowing magma into the gurgling ocean, you’ll be amazed at what you can find here.

The capital city here is Hilo, and it is known for its botanical gardens, bamboo forests, waterfalls, and the low-energy feel of its local shops and restaurants. Think of it as something like island time meets capital city. Take a day trip to Kona, where you can see why Kona Coffee has earned a special place in the world’s heart. And Waimea is just up the road. Consider spending a day exploring this upland tropical sanctuary. They call Waimea Hawaiian cowboy country, and if it is your dream to ride a horse through the untouched wild Hawaiian wilderness, this is your stop.

Everything considered, there’s enough on the Big Island to fulfill everyone’s dreams, even those with the biggest appetites. Maybe that’s why they call it The Big Island after all…


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