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August 4, 2011 by

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Hawaii is an experience in and of itself. There’s a reason people flock there every time of the year. It’s a tropical paradise, with a unique set of weather, unique ocean breeze, unique plants, unique people. It stands to reason then that there be unique music emanating from its shores. This music is called “slack-key” guitar, and the ever-popular ukulele.

So if you find yourself in Hanalei, Hawaii this August 5th, head on down to the Hanalei Family Community Center for Hawaii’s own cowboy music. The sound is distinct and you have probably heard it in the background at some seaside restaurants and not been able to quite place it. Now you’ll be able to.

Doug and Sandy McMaster - Photo courtesy of Wendy Kalemba

The concert highlights award-winning artists Doug and Sandy McMaster who explain what it is that makes the slack-key different from every other form of guitaring. The event is running on its 11th year and people rave about it. According to one source, it receives a 99.3% rating of “Excellent. Highlight of our trip.” Hard to beat. So if you find yourself in tune to the waves, and want to catch an authentic island experience, make your way on down to the Hanalei Family Community Center. It’s about $20 at the door and proceeds go to the community.

- Hudson

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