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Ceiling installation at Honolulu Academy of Art

Ceiling installation at Honolulu Academy of Art - Photo courtesy of arcticpenguin via Flickr

A good way to explore any local culture is to attend events which the locals themselves attend. Hawaii’s ARTafterDARK is one such event. If you find yourself lost and looking for some way of connecting with the people who call Honolulu home, consider this your go-to stop.

The Honolulu Museum of Art’s monthly art party is held on the last Friday of every month and known locally as ARTafterDARK.  From January through October, from 6 to 9pm on the grounds of the Honolulu Museum of Art, every art lover and socialite from all over Oahu gathers at the museum’s grounds to enjoy wine, cocktails, music, and the art exhibit of the month. Each month is a celebration of a particular artistic style. February was dubbed Better Together, where celebrations of artistic collaboration were feted. March 30th is O Tahiti, a celebration of all things Hawaiian and an overt homage to the Polynesian culture which spawned it. Celebrated by Paul Gauguin’s Noa Noa print series, March proves to be a month where paintings inspired by Tahitian life move artistic commentary and observation.

So if you’re looking for a way to get out and see the locals, to mix culturally as they do, consider Honolulu’s ARTafterDARK your way of seeing what it is the locals see, of acting like the locals act. It’s the best way to rub shoulders and experience some nightlife and music culture without being a local yourself. So enjoy! And maybe gain some culture while doing it.


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