Top 5 Late Night Eats in Hong Kong

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Tsui Wah Restaurant in Hong Kong

Tsui Wah Restaurant in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of sharlenechiu via Flickr.

Hong Kong could give New York City a run for its money as the ‘City that Never Sleeps;’ and as one of the best foodie cities in Asia, late night diners will never be at a loss for something to munch on. Besides the food stalls in the night markets, here are just five of the many restaurants where you can grab some great late night eats in Hong Kong.

1. Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzaria

Multiple locations

When you’re hungry but you can’t quite make up your mind on what sounds good, Ebeneezer’s is the place to go. With ten locations (six open all night) serving kebabs, Indian curry, pizza, fish and chips and salads, all in an American-style diner setup, nobody will look at you funny for ordering curry atop a bed of fries.

2. Little Chilli

33 North Point Road, North Point

Not only is Little Chilli open until 5am, it’s one of the cheaper places to eat in North Point. The small restaurant serves up fiery Sichuan cuisine, like spicy beef soup and chicken fried with red peppers. Wash it all down with big, inexpensive bottles of Chinese beer.

3. Tsui Wah

Multiple locations

Tsui Wah is the original late night Hong Kong eatery, and most of its locations stay open until 3am, if not 24 hours. This place is likely to be busier at midnight than noon. The restaurant serves a huge menu with influences from China, India and the US, but their specialties are Hainan chicken with rice, fish ball noodle soup and a Hong Kong-style French toast consisting of a huge bun toasted and doused in butter and sweetened condensed milk.

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4. Loyal Dining

66 Wellington Street, Central

Going to Hong Kong without eating dim sum is like going to Chicago without eating deep dish pizza, and Loyal Dining serves their steamed goodies until 4am on weekends. Unlike some other late night options with their rowdy crowds and napkin-strewn floors, Loyal Dining tends to draw a more subdued crowd, sometimes even fueling up for another round of partying.

5. Gourmet Burger Union

Multiple locations

Gourmet Burger Union has built up a faithful following in Hong Kong, and for good reason. The menu includes some creative combinations as well as a build-your-own option with one of the most extensive toppings lists to be found in the city. They have locations open until 3am, some located amid Hong Kong’s most popular night clubs, and they even serve hot dogs and salads if a burger sounds too heavy.

- Lydia Schrandt

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