Top 5 Things to Do in Hong Kong Without Shopping

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What to do in Hong Kong if you don’t like shopping… Bit of a crazy scenario, right? I mean, who doesn’t go to Hong Kong for the shopping? And it’s true, if you love hitting the stores and getting enough retail therapy to keep you blissed out for decades, Hong Kong is where it’s at. Gleaming malls host spectacular fashion emporiums – Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Westwood – you name it, you can get it, and at a reasonable price too.

But what if you’re all ‘Dior, schmior’? Never fear. For those who are happy to dodge the malls and get out amongst it, there are a bounty of treats out there. Here are 5 suggestions:

1. Dive into Wan Chai: This tangly area of Hong Kong is as far away from the diamond sparkle of a mall as you can get. Wander the cramped, lively, workaday streets and open-air market stalls of fresh produce. Get a gooey mango rice pudding from Golden Peach Bakery.

2. Go to the Big Buddha: The staggeringly large Tian Tan Buddha on lush, green Lantau is quite a sight to behold. The journey to and from it is equally stunning. Catch the skyrail up and feel like you’re floating over tree tops (because you are), but do a mix of bus and ferry on the way back for a different angle.

Big Buddha at Lantau Island

3. Take a day trip to Macau: Ferry to Macau (don’t forget your passport) for a taste of Portugal on your doorstep. Skip the mega casinos if you want, and take a rickshaw (they’re touristy but they’re fun and a snappy introduction to the landscape) into the heart of the old town.

4. Get lost on the elevators: Now here’s a nifty idea – when your city is full of narrow, winding streets on a steep incline, why not install an elevated walkway with travelators? Exploring some of Hong Kong’s steep alleys becomes a breeze – and a blast – when you can just walk up some stairs and hop on a travelator. Lends the cityscape a slight ‘Bladerunner’ edge too!

5. Find your perfect yum cha dish: Oh so many bamboo steamers, so little time. It’s no surprise that food in Hong Kong is amazing, and yum cha is an efficient way to sample a lot of local specialties. Try City Hall yum cha for a glamorous, chanderliered experience – but be prepared to queue for a table!

- Jane Ormond

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