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Scooters are a popular option for getting around Ibiza

Scooters are a popular option for getting around Ibiza

At 220 square miles, you’ll need more than just flip flops and late-night stamina to figure out how to get around Ibiza. With multiple transportation options, though, getting around Ibiza is totally doable.

By bus

With several bus companies running transport around Ibiza (including to and from the airport) that means you’ll have plenty of transport options. During summer’s high season, you’ll find the schedule to be more robust — this even includes the Disco Bus, which runs from midnight to 6am, taking people to and from major clubs and resorts. Regardless of when you visit, be sure to consult time tables to build your transportation plans, as schedules and routes won’t always sync up as seamlessly as one might hope.

By taxi

Taxis can be a comfortable and affordable option when late-night (and sober) transport isn’t easy to come by. Expect the usual metered tariffs, knowing that certain drivers might not be super stoked about driving you to remote locations that won’t compensate for their time.

By scooter

One of the island’s most popular modes of transport is the scooter, allowing you to zip around without the formality of a proper car. Be careful, though: between different road rules, occasionally poor streets, and possible drunk drivers, serious scooter accidents – especially at night — can also be a serious risk.

Rent a car

For the most autonomy, you can always rent a car. The downside of course: If you wish to maximize Ibiza’s party opportunities, then finding a designated driver might make renting a car less appealing. Therefore, see above options – minus the scooter, of course — to ensure you get home safely.

By boat

Seriously! Not only can you do boat tours of Balearic islands, like Formentera, but coastal ferries depart from downtown Ibiza to various beach towns around the island. Going by boat might not be the best option for getting home after a long night, but it sure is a great way to see parts of the island you could never view by bus, taxi, scooter or car.

 – Erin Ridley

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