Things to Do in Iceland in Winter

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Despite its name, Iceland doesn’t get as cold in the winter as you might expect. It’s still quite chilly but you’ll find temperatures rarely dip below 20° F so you can still enjoy all that the country has to offer without worrying about frostbite. There are plenty of things to do in Iceland in winter, and you can even comfortably stroll the ice-free sidewalks (which are heated) of Reykjavik, shopping and visiting some of the history, culture and art museums in the compact city center.

Iceland in winter photo courtesy of Trodel on Flickr

Iceland in winter photo courtesy of Trodel on Flickr

Outdoors, there are plenty of great winter options. A soak in the Blue Lagoon may be one of the most surreal; there’s no feeling quiet like sitting in the steaming hot, milky blue water of the lagoon while snow falls around you. Most tour operators can help ensure that you stay warm by providing you with a special snow suit, suck is the case if you go riding on the unique Icelandic horse, or opt to try a glacier walk, dogsledding, or even snorkeling in the fissure at Thingvellir.

As an added bonus of visiting Iceland during the winter months, you may have a chance to view the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. This beautiful phenomenon can be seen on clear nights from September to March and while there’s never a guarantee they’ll appear, a sighting of the dancing green waves of light can be make even the coldest nights well worth it.

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