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Humayuns Tomb, New Delhi

Humayuns Tomb, New Delhi

This city is a wonderful blend of modernity and ancient history. The present population of 14.5 million is a real feast for your eyes to enjoy as its people are constantly on the move, busy like honey bees and at other times relaxed like emperors.

A journey to Delhi, brings up to three unique world heritage monuments. The oldest cluster of monuments is a thousand plus years old where as the youngest being little more than three hundred years old.

Many true stories of Delhi, unfold great entertainment and understanding of India.


Qutub Minar Archeological site: the very first city
Just imagine, you are to traveling back in time over a century ago, and in front of you, at walking distance is a spectacular monument. There shall stand, at 72.5 meters tall, a stone minaret with lustrous carvings and calligraphy crafted by three different rulers. Its sheer beauty is stunning. Within this premise stands  one of the oldest mosques in this part of  world  and an iron pillar defying rusting for over one thousand five hundred years.

Red Fort  & Chandini Chowk and Old Delhi.
The same Emperor who created the wonderful Taj Mahal, for the sake of living at a different place created this Fort Place at Delhi, a world heritage monument which is imprinted with the history of India’s glorious days. It is where the plunder by invaders of Diamond Kohi- noor took place. The momentous celebrations of our times, when India got its freedom from British Rule took place here at Red Fort.

A paddle rickshaw ride for a while completes the fun and exploration of teaming humanity inhabited by over 4 million people who live in old Delhi.

Humayun Tomb

A garden tomb built in 16th century, that is about a hundred year older then the famous Taj Mahal, is the pride of the city and reflects the skills of craftsmen of yesteryear.


National Museum

Treasure for any enthusiast as the best in painting section, Ancient History of Civilization of India and many more section.

Craft Museum

At one place, if anyone can sail through the visual delight of India’s traditional handicrafts and textile, it is here. The vast display of items makes it immensely informative.

National Gallery of Modern Art

India is presently home to renowned contemporary painters; one can scan through such leading artists’ original work.

-Jitendra Kumar Sharma

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