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Remains of a boat from the1st century AD.

Remains of a boat from the1st century AD. Photo courtesy of Steve Paul56 via Flickr.

Accessible by bus from the much larger (and far less interesting) town of Tiberias, Israel, is the tiny kibbutz on the banks of the Sea of Galilee known as Ginosar. Founded in 1937 by socialist settlers, Ginosar is primarily famous for two things: It was the home of Israeli politician and general Yigal Allon, and, of considerably greater interest to foreign visitors, the so-called “Jesus Boat”. The latter is a wooden boat less than 30 feet long that dates to the 1st century (ostensibly the time of Christ). It was discovered by amateur archeologists in 1986 after three years of drought left it partially exposed in the mud. Today, it is displayed in the Yigal Allon Museum. Note: If you’re planning on staying overnight in the area, Nof Ginosar offers moderate accommodations in Ginosar, which, owing to the lovely location, are very much preferable to the many luxury hotels in Tiberias. Many trekkers make Ginosar their final destination when embarking on multi-day backpacking trips from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, as is popular with Israelis.

Another popular destination that many tourists take time out to visit when traveling in Lower Galilee is Mount Tabor, the summit of which has been the site of many historical conflicts, including a French force of just 3,000 soldiers commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte that fought off a Mamluk force of more than 20,000 soldiers in 1799. Today, the top of Mount Tabor easily accessible, though trekkers in search of a bit of exercise can opt for a staggering path featuring more than 4,000 steps from top to bottom.

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