Israel in the Winter

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Snowy Jerusalem photo by Hedva Sanderovitz via the PikiWiki

The weather does not usually get as cold during the Israeli winter as it does in the West, but that doesn’t mean that there is not a winter. Once in a blue moon a sliver of white snow comes down and blankets the ancient cities, creating what is for certain a rare experience.

No, Israel in the winter is not known for its splendor, but when the temperature drops, there is still a lot to do. Because the cold moves north during the winter and creates some rain patterns, it can create a beautiful mist. Head over to the pine forests either near Jerusalem or Galilee for a romantic stroll.

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Speaking of nature, flora enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the winter in Israel is also the time when wildflowers and other greenery are in blossom so take it slow if you happen to be going through the countryside, you are going to get the nicest views of the year.

Synonymous with the desert, there is actually a part of Israel where there is some snowfall. On the northern most part of the country lies the contested Golan Heights. Beautiful all year round, Mount Hermon bares ample chance to hike in the wintery cold. It is located near to the Syrian and Lebanese borders and there are flare-ups, so you would be smart to check the advisories beforehand.

There is a rail and bus service that moves from the major cities in Israel, but the best way to and around the countryside/Mount Hermon is by car. The roads are quite safe and the drive, very smooth.

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