Museum of the History of Tel Aviv Jaffa

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Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Photo credit: TijsB via Flickr.

A stunning look into Tel Aviv’s history following the six-day war, the Museum of the History of Tel Aviv Jaffa takes a deep look into the one of the most interesting cities in Israel.

Housed in what was once the old Tel Aviv City Hall building at Bialik Square, the museum opened in 2009, the new museum is home to dozens of the photos and multi-media chronicling decades of culture and history. It also includes several interesting maps showing highlighting the topographical growth of Israel and the area of Tel Aviv and old Jaffa.

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Built in 1927, this white-colored modernist masterpiece underwent a massive restoration effort after decades of being closed off to the public. Today, the museum is punctuated by contemporary local artwork, models and even has a terrific short film documenting the significance of early Tel Aviv.

Inside, one can explore rooms once inhabited by Tel Aviv’s historic mayors, including the restored quarters of the city’s first mayor under Israeli statehood, Meir Dizengoff. You will be stunned by the lovely view in this room, which peers out onto Bialik Square’s other beautiful modernist buildings and open space.

Luckily, a trip out to the Museum of the History of Tel Aviv Jaffa also means you are close to some great other locations, including the Bauhaus Museum and the Bialik Museum, dedicated to one of the greatest Israeli writers and national icon. With free admission for all, one should not miss an opportunity to see it.

The museum is open Sunday to Thursday, while the best way to get there is to take Bus #4, which gets you within walking distance.

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