New Year’s Eve Events in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv for New Year's Eve

Tel Aviv for New Year’s Eve. Photo courtesy of JML78 via Flickr.

Israel as a country doesn’t typically abide to the western Christian/secular calendar, so it’s understandable that New Year’s Eve isn’t a national celebration here. As such there are no fireworks displays or municipality organized events. Nevertheless, there is a faction of those who celebrate “Sylvester,” the Hebrew slang for New Year, and where these people go you are bound to find New Year’s Eve events in Tel Aviv.

Join the crowds at the beachside bars before Old Jaffa for a few drinks earlier in the evening and indulge in a nice traditional dinner as the sun sets over the beautiful Mediterranean–most places here will offer a special set menu for the occasion.

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Afterward, hop down to the hip bars located in the city center. Many, such as Hasimta in Old Jaffa, offer some kind of celebration, in this case a jazz concert. Meanwhile, Mike’s Pub beside the American Embassy draws a large expat crowd who will bring a jovial spirit to the evening.

The Melody and Shalom hotels in Tel Aviv are geared towards Western tourists so they will offer an entertainment and food package for December 31st celebrations.

Not far from the city center, the neighborhood of Florentin boasts a popular street party with food and drink stalls which feature performers and roving entertainers.

Blaumilech Club, an exclusive lounge bar in Old Port, has fantastic views of Rothschild Boulevard and Rivendell and is a premiere party location all-year-round.

In fact, it is best to stick to expatriate joints and hotels, as most other parties that night will not be for celebrating the coveted New Year. In Israel, lots of the parties one may encounter do not kick off until late–even until after midnight in some cases.

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