Romantic Things to Do in Istanbul

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Sunset in Istanbul

Sunset in Istanbul during a Photography Walking Tour

There’s no denying it: Istanbul can be a romantic city. Just ask anyone who has sat with their significant other watching the sun sink in the sky and the city, dotted with minarets, glow pink and gold against the aqua of the Bosphorus. There are plenty of things for couples to do while visiting the metropolitan town where East meets West, aside from taking in the glorious sunsets over both Europe and Asia.

If you’re hungry and want a romantic dinner with a view, head to the Galata Bridge and grab some fresh-caught fish. Sure, fishing lines and passersby are included in the view, but fresh fish, a good bottle of wine and the sea make for a special moment. For outdoor lovers, get out and explore the natural beauty of Istanbul. Some great spots include the paths of Belgrade Forest or Emigran Park, a lush spot with lakes, cafes and more. Those seeking more adventure can simply hop on a ferry and head to the popular Princes’ Islands.

Of course, there is always simply wandering hand-in-hand through some of the city’s best attractions like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and more. Or, take a walking tour of Istanbul and experience the beauty of the city with an expert.

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