Christmas Markets in Italy

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Christmas Markets are a rich tradition in Italy

It’s that time of the year – a frenzy of gift buying for family and friends and if you’re in Italy it just gives you more of an excuse to shop in the world’s top style destination. Not surprisingly many cities and towns turn on special Christmas markets (Mercatino di Natale) from the end of November through to early January, so here’s a few of them:

  • Rome: Piazza Navona is the main market site and Babbo Natale (Father Christmas) makes appearances for photos.
  • Florence: Piazza Santa Croce has a German style Christmas market with lots of crafts and food stalls.
  • Naples: This market is near Via Gregorio San Armeno and known for its nativity scene workshops.
  • Venice: Campo San Stefano becomes a Christmas village. As well as typical Venetian products, they have traditional music, drink and food.
  • Trento and Balzano: These towns in the northern Trentino–Alto Adige Region have some of the best Christmas markets in Italy due to their proximity to Germany where Christmas markets originated and are still a strong tradition.
  • Verona: There are over 300 stalls but the market is only held from the second weekend of December until Santa Lucia Day on December 13.

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You’ll always be able to find Christmas markets in Italy no matter where you are – after all what self-respecting Italian would miss an opportunity to eat, drink, shop and celebrate?

-Philippa Burne

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