Wildlife Safaris on Black River in Jamaica

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Black River

Jamaica’s Black River. Photo courtesy of channone via Flickr.

One of the longest rivers on the island, Black River in Jamaica is steeped in local folklore of danger, mystique and angry crocodiles. Be that as it may, the Black River is actually a very peaceful river and an abundance of wildlife fills the region. A treat for any traveler to the Negril region, the area is often the highlight of a Jamaican experience and it’s best to bring a camera – this is miles better than any zoo exhibit.

Wild crocodiles, thick mangrove swamps, and some of the most beautiful waterfowl in the region fill visitor’s heads with images spun from the tales of tour guides ushering you through the water. The stories on these tours are often as interesting as the vistas themselves, as the Black River has a rich history of trade from as far back as the plantation and slavery days. A wildlife safari here is a full day experience, as many tours of the Black River take you through several Jamaican provinces and other exciting sites along the way. Consider catching the YS Falls and the Appleton Rum Estate Tour and get a full dose of the southern coast of Jamaica.

What could be better than a trip through the countryside? See some of the wild inside of Jamaica on a safari through Jamaica’s Black River.

-Hudson Hornick

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