Coffee Tours in Jamaica

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Photo courtesy of kadluba via Flickr.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Photo courtesy of kadluba via Flickr.

Jamaica is a top Caribbean resort destination and an exciting ecotourism destination. The interior of the island is home to a wealth of natural attractions including rivers, waterfalls and mountain ranges. Coffee tours in Jamaica offer visitors the chance to tour a working plantation and learn about one of Jamaica’s biggest exports. Some of the best coffee in Jamaica is grown and cultivated on the hillside of the Blue Mountains, the longest mountain range on the island, and Blue Mountain Coffee is considered to be among the best gourmet coffee in the world.

Coffee tours in Jamaica are a great way to experience more of the island, beyond the beaches and resort areas. You’ll travel along the interior of the island past majestic mountain ranges and scenic countryside to visit a working plantation and learn about coffee cultivation and processing. Most plantations offer tours and tastings and some even offer lodging and meals for guests wishing to stay overnight. These environmentally friendly “eco-resorts” are located on coffee plantations in the Blue Mountains and represent Jamaica’s growing trend toward sustainable tourism.

Explore more of the island’s natural attractions on coffee tours in Jamaica and enjoy hiking, river rafting and wildlife watching. The forested Blue Mountain region in Jamaica is home to a variety of exotic plant and animal life. Hike along the scenic mountain trails that wind through the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park all the way to the top of Blue Mountain Peak, the highest peak on the island. Once there, savor a cup of locally grown Blue Mountain Coffee while admiring the spectacular panoramic views of Jamaica’s north and south coasts and the Caribbean.

- Laura Nazimiec

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