A Brief Guide to Montego Bay

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Waves breaking in Montego Bay.

The warm waters of the Caribbean meet white sand beaches and lush jungle here, in Jamaica’s hallowed Montego Bay. Capital of St. James parish, Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica and came to prominence during the slavery epoch as a port town known mainly for its leather, sugar, and lard exports. Those days long gone, visitors nowadays tour the area in style and signature Caribbean comfort, tasting some of the areas excellent restaurants, stopping by its pastel-colored high-end boutiques, or swinging some clubs at one of its several world-class golf courses. Of course, there’s history, architecture, and always the beach, too.

However, before you get out and explore it all, it’s best to get situated. Most of the town’s tourist activity is centered around the old town center, Sharpe Square. Here you’ll find a number of bed and breakfasts, restaurants and souvenir shopping opportunities. Once you’ve explored Sharpe Square and situated yourself, it’s time to go out and see the many things Montego Bay has to offer. Either taxi cab or rental car is probably the easiest way to go about seeing the many attractions of ‘MoBay,’ though some prefer to just rent a moped from their hotel, as this is usually an option. If you’re visiting via cruise ship and only have a few hours in port, there are plenty of great shore excursions from Montego Bay that will help you see quite a bit of the area in a short time.

Montego Bay has enough charm, nuance, and outdoor activities to keep guests entertained here for a lifetime. Abandoned mansions turned Voodoo museums, Jeep and ATV safaris, bamboo rafting, undersea tours, the famous Luminous Lagoon, and an indigenous Rastafari village visit are all exciting options for those eager to get out and about in Montego Bay.

While out and about, remember that for your intents and purposes, resorts stretch to the North of Sharpe Square around Doctor’s Cave Beach and Cornwall Beach, while further north lies the Donald Sangster International Airport which is, in all likelihood, the airport you flew in from.

-Hudson Hornick

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