Jamaica’s Great Huts Village Resort

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Treetops in Jamaica.

Treetops in Jamaica

The words ‘unforgettable’ and ‘unique’ are thrown around quite often in travel literature and reviews these days, but those are probably the first two words that should describe Jamaica’s tree house fantasy – that’s actually a reality.

Take the Lost Boys’ home in any of the Peter Pan movies, add in a mix of Swiss Family Robinson, a dash of House of Flying Daggers, a sprinkle of The Lion King, and garnish it with the Caribbean – then you might get some idea of what Great Huts: Paradise on the Edge looks like.

The compound has seven huts, three tents and three tree houses – Fig, Bamboo, and Almond. Hammocks on bamboo balconies, bathtubs with leafy or seaside views and exotic colors and deep designs adorn these huts. It’s not Vegas or kitsch; it’s just your own personal nook of imagination.

Jamaican and American Friends of Infirmaries and Shelters owner, Dr. Rhodes’ NGO, helps to offer enormous discounts for volunteers who stay a month or longer and get involved with either local medicine, education, EPA, Red Cross, or Salvation Army.

Wellness practitioners are on hand, too, if some long-awaited peace of mind/body is what you’re after. There are also plenty of activities nearby, like surfing, diving, trekking, bird watching and horseback riding: in case there are those who don’t want to dwell in a tree house all day long. But who wouldn’t want to dwell in a tree house all day long? Seriously?

- Natalie Grant

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