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Couple on Beach

Beach-side romance in Ocho Rios. Photo courtesy of Tomash Devenishek via Flickr.

Ocho Rios (Spanish for Eight Rivers) is a vibrant Jamaican town tucked away in the central northern coast of Jamaica. Popular as a cruise liner stop and vacation hideaway for those looking for some Jamaican adventure, if you came to Jamaica for a little R&R with your loved one, Ocho Rios is a prime destination. Beach resorts and jungle tours are the name of the game here, and there are plenty of options that artfully blend relaxation in with romance if you’re so inclined to take advantage of them.

Horseback riding on the Beach – I mean, come on – this has got to go down in the hall of fame as one of the most romantic things to do ever. Take a horse ride with your loved one on Runaway Beach (even the name is romantic!) and learn about Jamaica’s long and rich history while heading into the shallow waters with your horse. Routinely rated a 5-star experience, you shouldn’t miss horseback riding on the beach in Ocho Rios.

Catamaran Cruise – You can take a catamaran cruise not just out on the open water, but you can also stop and see one of Jamaica’s highlights – the Dunn River Falls. Sailing has long been linked to romance because there’s little else as exhilarating and yet relaxing s being out on the open water. See the best of Jamaica with this option, and combine your trip to either go snorkeling or visit the Dunn River Falls.

Swim With Dolphins – These spectacular creatures are a handful of fun no matter how you’re feeling day of. For a truly magical and memorable experience, hit the water with these gentle creatures of the sea and interact with what scientists readily call the world’s second-smartest animal. You and your loved one will share this intimate experience with another living life-form entirely different from yourself. See why swimming with dolphins in Ocho Rios easily ranks as one of the most romantic things to do in Jamaica.

-Hudson Hornick

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