Surf’s Up at the Makka Pro in Jamaica

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Get your surf on in Jamaica! - photo courtesy of Fabio Lone via Flickr

Waimea Bay. Bali. Australia’s Gold Coast. South Africa. Brazil. Malibu, Santa Cruz, Maverick’s. Legendary surf spots around the world get big waves and big attention when annual surf contests come around, like the World Qualifying Series, the ASP World Tour, and the Triple Crown in Hawaii. Whether you want to catch a wave or just catch a tan while you watch others try and catch a wave, don’t overlook Jamaica!

Although nestled in the Caribbean Sea, decent waves do in fact make it to the island, which, with its unique surf culture and chilled out vibe, is a perfect place to enjoy some friendly competition. From July 29th to July 31st, Jamaica hosted an international professional event, the Makka Pro, at the Makka Surf Beach in Southaven (Yallahs, Saint Thomas).

With $10,000 in cash and prizes, the Makka Pro was no insignificant event. It was also a way for competitors to earn points for the Western Atlantic Pro Series (the Makka Pro was the 3rd event of the series).

The Jamaica Surfing Association, founded over a decade ago, hosts a large handful of events for both the Junior Championships and the National Open Series. Check their website for current information on Jamaican surfing and who is representing Jamaica in the international surf scene.

Surfers know that beaches and their subsequent wave-riding opportunities are always at risk for change.   As depressing as it is to see a favorite local spot get washed out by bad weather, when Mother Nature closes a door, she always opens up a window somewhere else. Because of the Caribbean’s natural tendency to be hurricane territory, the best surf spots are never set in stone. This means that each time you visit Jamaica with your longboard, there is the potential for completely different experiences: new sand, new ripcurls, and new waters to explore – and dominate!

- Natalie Grant

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