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There are two things to prepare yourself for with Jordanian food: the fantastic quality and the fantastic quantity! For Jordanians, eating is a very social affair so meals can last for hours with up to ten courses of food borrowed from around the region, but uniquely Jordanian.

Familial middle-eastern dips such as hummus, babaghanoush and maddamis are complemented with labaneh (a yoghurt cheese) and khobez (a Jordanian pita bread).

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A Jordanian mezze spread, photo courtesy of alicia bramlett via Flickr

A Jordanian mezze spread, photo courtesy of alicia bramlett via Flickr

Khobez is a staple part of almost every Jordanian meal and is best eaten fresh out of the oven. Many of these dishes would be the focal point of a mezze spread, which often is of such a large portion it may satisfy in place of a main meal.

The national dish is mansaf, a sun-dried yoghurt coated crepe-like bread with chunks of roasted lamb sprinkled with pine nuts or almonds and rice broth. The meal has its origins in the Bedouin roots of Jordan and is consumed in the traditional manner of no utensils. Instead, punters eat this symbolic feast with their hands.

Next up, indulge in fattoush salad served alongside Kibbeh, the famous Jordanian minced meat croquettes, served both hot and cold.

Meat, in particular lamb, is a key element in Jordanian dishes so vegetarians beware. However Jordanian cuisine also had plenty of stuffed vegetable dishes such as stuffed grape leaves and eggplants.

To eat where the locals eat when looking for food to try in Jordan, check out Abu Jbarah for the famous Jordanian felafel, al-Kalha for the hummus and al-Daya’a and Reem for the shwarma sandwiches.

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