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September 12, 2011 by

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Vroom, vroom! Choose from a number of cars to race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Got a fast car? How fast? Mine’s pretty fast, but that’s just because I tinker with it constantly. I’m like the rest of the wanna-be gear-heads – always thinking about the next step, but let’s be honest, I’m just a weekend player. There are whole teams of engineers and countless millions behind the design and fabrication of today’s modern mega-racers. So what’s a guy like me to do? Save and buy a Ferrari?

Negative. Enter Exotics Racing School in Las Vegas. Shell out some coins and head down to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A qualified driving instructor will school you on the ins and outs of your selected car of choice, the rules of the road (no bumping) and set you down behind the wheel of what is the culmination of today’s modern driving movement. Sound hot? I couldn’t believe it. I called my friends when I found out about this one.

If you’re thinking like I was thinking, you’re probably saying to yourself it’s going to be too much money. Racing at 8000 rpm down a certified race track in a paddle-shifting Lamborghini? Gotta be too much money, right?. Nay, my friend, this is not the case. You can race your friends in a Porsche 997 for under $200. Bump it up and race both the Ferrari and the Lamborghini and you’re still under $600. And that’s not just opening up the throttle on a straight away; that’s 5 laps with your friends around the track from green light to checkered flag with your closest buddies. That is if you invite them. Chances are if you don’t, however, they may not be your closest buddies anymore…

Check out Exotics Racing School in Las Vegas and buckle up! It’s gonna be one to remember.

- Hudson Hornick

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