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Machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame

Machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Photo credit: James Brooks via Flickr.

The idea of spending big money and celebrating like an animal is often not what we have in mind when we want a vacation. Oftentimes what we want is more of a relaxing experience by the pool and a pleasant escape without emptying our wallets. If you’re on a trip to Vegas and have to watch the budget, don’t worry—there are lots of great ways to have big Las Vegas fun on a shoestring. Here are a couple excellent freebees.

Free Gaming Lessons

Plenty of people come to Las Vegas in order to try their hand with Lady Luck. Thing is, Lady Luck tends to favor those who know how to play the game. Don’t be left second-guessing yourself. Attend a free gaming lesson and learn exactly how blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and others work. Most casinos offer these classes for free, you only have to ask at the front desk what they offer and when.

The Neon Museum

A testament to a Las Vegas of the past, the Neon Museum actively collects and refurbishes great Las Vegas signs and symbols, and proudly displays them to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During a Neon Museum tour you will take a surreal stroll down one of these “galleries” and imagine a bygone time when Frankie still sang at the Sahara; truly a unique experience.

The Pinball Hall of Fame

This stop is another wonderful Las Vegas oddity. Here you can see (and play) scores upon scores of restored pinball games. While visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame, you’ll find the largest collection of pinball and amusement games (over 100) and test your skills against those who came before you—but be warned, this list dates back to the 1930s.

Nevada Test Site Tour

From 1950s to the present, the Nevada Test Site was the center of the United States nuclear testing programs, and if you plan ahead, you can see the role the United States and the Manhattan Project had in world affairs. Schedule a public tour of the site by calling (702) 295-0944.

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    Hi! I wonder if February and March are good months to make a trip to Las Vegas, as the climate is rather cold there during such a months, and if is it possible making the Tours normally such as the Great Canyon, and other National Parks, by that season….Thank you so much! Pablo!


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