Las Vegas in Winter

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Las Vegas after a fresh snowfall. Photo courtesy of Bryan Allison via Flickr

Most of us think of Las Vegas and think of the simmering Mojave that emanates from it in beautiful desert badlands. And while this might be true for most of the year, come wintertime, the desert oasis that is Las Vegas gets its fair share of cold weather. But this doesn’t mean that the party stops. Far from it. There’s plenty to do in Las Vegas in winter.

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So the temperature drops a bit, and can get downright cold at night – into the 50s and below. Freezing temperatures aren’t common, but aren’t altogether uncommon either, so it’s best to pack enough clothes in order to be able to dress in layers. Suffice it to say, most of the pool action will be closed for the season, but never fear, there’s still fun stuff happening.

As for events, come December the National Finals Rodeo are typically held around this time, and Las Vegas does go a bit crazy for its cowboys and their bull-riding. A very popular event, the country music bars, clubs and venues will be jam-packed, so if you want to get out and see some action, book early! Check out to find out more about this exciting event.

Vegas also typically fills up during the winter holiday season, with many people hoping that by literally playing their cards right they might wind up extending that winter bonus a bit. You can find these people all over the strip (you can even be one of them if you like), but for a more original Vegas experience, see them over on Fremont Street and see just what old Vegas does for the holidays.

-Hudson Hornick

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