Las Vegas’ Tournament of Kings

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Knights prepare for battle

Knights prepare for battle - Photo courtesy of Gunther Hagleitner via Flickr

Fancy a romp into the Middle Ages? Miss the time when you could eat with your hands, drink fermented grain and laugh as knights battled it out for fame and glory? Do not despair, these times are still to be had and yep, you guessed it – they’re to be had in Las Vegas.

Head down to King Arthur’s Arena in Excalibur to travel back to a time when feudal reign was supreme. The dinner and show features jousting, dancing, singing, fire wizards and feasts fit for a king (or queen). Lamb shank? Check. Goblet? Check. Entertainment for the whole family? You better believe it. Guests are seated in arena-style setting with each section representing different “countries.” During the show, these countries are encouraged to cheer for their knights, kings and vassals during their quests to unify a kingdom. What happens in the end? That depends on how the show goes and how the audience participates, my friends.

A silly, exciting and raucous jaunt into the Middle Ages, the Tournament of Kings allows any visitor the chance to forget the 21st century for a while and instead relax in the idea that, for a night at least, they are a guest and active participant in the portrayal of a foregone time. Definitely a welcome retreat from all the flash and pomp of glitzy Vegas, the Tournament of Kings is a night for the Medieval lover in all of us.


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  1. Donna Says:

    We saw this in Florida some years back, it was a good e endings entertainment. We are planning a visit to Vegas this year and will be booking this show for our Friends 50th birthday whilst we are there. Great evening of food, drink and cheering on your knight.


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