Planning a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas bachelor parties

Have fun riding ATVs through the desert

Umm… yes please? Heading to Las Vegas for a bachelor party is, if I may be so bold as to take a wild guess, probably the number one destination spot for soon-to-be married bachelor revelry. As if the blockbuster movie The Hangover didn’t spell it out well-enough for us, there’s something special about heading to this adult Disneyland in order to party like it’s 1999.

Sin City is eager to please. When planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas, you should have all available resources at your disposal. Take some tips from a pro, however, and you’ll set yourself up to plan a party that will be a party to remember.

#1: Plan ahead.

Failing to plan is a plan to fail. A cliche and cheesy, but true. Las Vegas is the #1 destination in the world for thousands at all times of the year, and the hotel concierge will likely care little that today is the beginning of your big day. This will ring true for anyone who’s tried to just show up and has stood there, baffled, money in hand, pleading to rent a room, any room, even a closet.

#2: Assign a head.

There can be only one party coordinator. If job assignments get divvied up, people forget, plans get mix-matched, and people get frustrated. Dedicate this person and let your go-to master of ceremonies take the reigns. Best man, it’s up to you.

#3: Arrive early to your target destinations.

Lines are long, clubs are expensive, bouncers get paid to bounce people out of the house. Don’t make the mistake of giving your spot up because you were late, regardless of prior plans.

#4: See what’s available.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to race dune buggies through the desert, drive exotic cars, take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, drink until dawn, have a fighter pilot experience, and then gamble what remains of the night away. But hey, that’s just me (is anyone listening??).

#5: Above all, have fun.

Don’t get caught up in hitting A, B, and C. Just get caught up in the moment and let the good times dictate if you’re off to race dune buggies or dangle precariously over the Las Vegas Strip. It’s all about the memories, not the check marks ticked.

-Hudson Hornick

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