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Inside the London Dungeon

Inside the London Dungeon

Reportedly the most haunted capital city in the world, London’s stately Victorian buildings, cobbled backstreets and elaborate graveyards lend the city an eerie backdrop, perfect for spine-tingling ghost stories and gruesome legends.

There are a number of ways to explore haunted London and delve into the city’s often brutal, yet none-the-less captivating history. Ghost walks and ghost bus tours make popular excursions especially around Halloween time and there are a plethora of allegedly haunted sights to send a shiver down your spine. Wander the open catacombs of the Victorian Highgate Cemetery, learn the gruesome history of the Bleeding Heart Yard in Farringdon and tour some of London’s spookiest buildings. London’s most infamous serial killer also gets a nod on the tour itinerary, with Jack the Ripper tours, usually in the form of a guided night walk, unveiling the shocking history of his tragic victims and ending at the Ten Bells pub supposedly haunted by the ghost of victim Annie Chapman.

Perhaps the most famous destinations on the ghost-hunters itinerary are the Tower of London, one of London’s principal landmarks, and the tombs beneath London Bridge. The former, constructed back in 1078, is full of gory legends: Henry VI was murdered in the Wakefield Tower; the huge White Tower is said to be haunted by the legendary ‘White Lady’ who has been sighted waving from the windows and many of the souls executed in the aptly named ‘Bloody Tower’ are said to haunt the building – Anne Boleyn, Lade Jane Grey and the Countess of Salisbury were all put to death here. Alternatively, the London Bridge Experience escorts groups through disused railway tunnels and rickety bridges to the famous underground tombs, where a recreational journey of London’s most gruesome history takes place.

-Zoe Smith

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