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Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Photo credit: John Beagle via Flickr.

Though it may seem more like a fashion statement than a real place, Beverly Hills is actually filled with real people doing real things at all hours of the day. Funny, because as a rolling joke, it is said that no one is actually from Beverly Hills, nor does anyone ever die in Beverly Hills—the area has no hospitals and no mortuary, so, in a way, this is true. However, 34,000 residents call this 5.7 mile stretch of greater Los Angeles home, and during the day, those numbers swell to almost 200,000. Why? Because aside from being a Southern California cultural icon, there’s plenty of fun things to do and see. For example:

Consider taking a drive up the famous Mulholland Drive and hiking the Hollywood Hills, which offer the best views of downtown Los Angeles and is a quick 20 minute jaunt from Santa Monica. Alternatively, you can get up and close with a Los Angeles palatial mansion by heading over to Greystone Mansion and Park. A great way to easily while away an afternoon, this estate is the largest private estate in the history of Beverly Hills and is often a venue for weddings, parties and corporate events. Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to enter inside the mansion.

Another “must” of Beverly Hills is to take a tour of Rodeo Drive. Here you’ll see the most fabulous boutiques and luxury shopping the world has to offer. $10,000 handbags are the norm, so it’s possible that you’ll walk away empty handed, but the site of the pristine street is itself something to behold. Who knows? You might just spot a celebrity.

In short, there’s a bundle of activities to engage the interest of the active traveler. From spas to gardens to museums to even star-studded street corners, you’re sure to have a ball.


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