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Bob Baker Marionettes perform a popular holiday program each year. Photo courtesy of Loren Javier via Flickr.

You might consider them a circus side-show or even a relic from the past, but somewhere in the twisting avenues of Los Angeles you’ll find a marionette theater alive and well. More than alive and well. Thriving, in fact. A pleasantry for any child and adult alike, the Bob Baker Marionette shows are famous for having their actors dance, sing, perform comedy, and bicker amongst themselves like no other performers on earth – even if they are puppets.

It takes special something to get these players to weave their tales of magic while entertaining a crowd of old and young alike, and at Bob Baker Marionettes, they’ve been doing just that for about fifty years now.

Lauded by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, LA Parent and Los Angeles Magazine, this staple of the Los Angeles community is perhaps one that is often overlooked. But nestled in a city that sometimes seems to move at the speed of this modern society, Bob Baker Marionettes is a welcome break from this fast-paced life. They recall a sense of old times, safe times, happy times, and allows one to almost forget that greater Los Angeles is just outside the door.

This season marks the entry of the Bob Baker Marionettes’ 51st season as the nation’s longest ongoing puppet theater, and it’s holiday time. With one of the most extensive, colorful, and diverse array of puppets, Baker and his troupe bring unique and hilarious Christmas stories to life. A crowd-pleaser for generations, this is your chance to see a legendary performer do what he does best.

Bob Baker Marionettes is  located at 1345 W. First Street, Los Angeles, CA. Phone: 213-250-9995.

- Hudson

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