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So you’re visiting Los Angeles and you have the inkling to go out. Where to? What club? You’ve heard all about the Los Angeles club scene and know it’s going to be a bit of a production and you want a production. You want a fun time. You want a time you’ll write to your friends about and say, “Whoah. That was one for the record books. Granted I remember it all correctly….”

Crowd at The Underground Rebel Bingo Club in Los Angeles - Photo courtesy of The Underground Rebel Bingo Club

Well, look no further. Welcome to this thing called The Underground Rebel Bingo Club. Sound funky? Let’s just say this isn’t your grandmother’s bingo. The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (from here-on-out to be known as URBC) is a wandering, secret, underground party which travels the European and American circuit playing loud crazy music, lets you score goofy and outrageous prizes, and booze to your heart’s content. Being “underground” means you’ve got to go on Facebook and click “Attend” to get all the particulars of the event, but suffice it to say, it’s somewhere in Arcadia, there’ll probably be a cover charge, and you’ll not need to go anywhere else for the night.

It’s got all the street-cred you need to be assured of a bacchanalian blowout. So put on your pink afro, get the password, and get wild.

- Hudson

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