Kodak Theater Showcases Iris

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Los Angeles is perhaps best known for its history of entrenchment in cinema. It’s where Hollywood and the moving pictures phenomenon gained steam and turned into a powerhouse. Of all the illustrious fame and limelight to traipse through town, the Kodak Theater is perhaps the best known staple of the 21st century artistic movement.

The Kodak Theater is also where the Oscars are held, and its gilded interior wows all spectators. Acoustically designed and enwrapped in red velvet, the theatre itself is a spectacle to behold, no matter what venue it’s hosting, so it stands to reason that the unveiling of the highly anticipated Cirque-de-Soleil’s Iris event should be held within its walls.

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Iris’ at the Kodak Theatre – Photo courtesy of Daily News Los Angeles

Iris is Cirque-de-Soleil’s newest production and is an artistic and acrobatic foray into the world of cinema, showing movies in a whole new light. Expect high use of silhouette, light, trick stage maneuvering, and, as always, spectacular acrobatics. The idea, ostensibly, is to give the audience a recreation of the history of cinema, what it takes to put on a cinematic showpiece, and to perform one while doing so. Sounds like a tall order, but if you haven’t heard, a tall order is what Cirque-de-Soleil is all about. And if previous shows are any indication, this is will be another critic and crowd pleaser.

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