Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach. Photo courtesy of jcookfisher via Flickr.

Laguna Beach is where those who want to see all the positives of Southern Californian lifestyle and culture go when they visit California. Essentially an artist colony at heart, Laguna Beach is a settlement located upon a cliff bluff which looks down on the beautiful Pacific Coast and is replete with world-class art festivals, boutique shopping, designer restaurants, and wine bars stocked to the tiers with some of California’s best wines. For this reason, some say that Laguna Beach is more of an ideology than a location, for it’s here that you can melt away your cares with a typical beach day, explore the kelp forests of the coast while scuba diving or snorkeling, or attend one of the area’s many community events.

This being said, what’s there to do in Laguna Beach? Well, whatever your heart desires, really. Many come here for a beach retreat, and the shopping and dining accommodations cater well to this sect of travelers. Alternatively, there are come here strictly for the weather and the artistic subset of society who made these dusty cliffs their home. Consider a hike among the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, or explore the tidepools in Shaw’s Cove. A Self-Guided Public Art Tour is always a favorite, as Laguna Beach has over 70 works of one of a kind public art. It’s easy to stroll through the town and enjoy these, but if you’re lucky enough, a special event happens every month which caters specifically to the artistically-minded – Artists Open Studios. On the first Saturday of every month from October to March from 11:00am to 4:00pm visitors can explore the operating artistic studios of various artists and meet the artisan themselves.

From these events to the various festivals and community activities, there’s sure to be plenty to excite you on any visit to beautiful Laguna Beach.  It’s one of the highlights of visiting Anaheim or Beuna Park, after all.

-Hudson Hornick

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