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Find art, food and lots more in San Pedro - photo courtesy of rockman13 via Flickr

Find art, food and lots more in San Pedro - photo courtesy of rockman13 via Flickr

San Pedro is known by Los Angeles locals as being a bit of the fringe. It’s on the fringe geographically (being by the sea), it’s known for its fringe life-styled occupants, and well-loved for its flourishing yet fringe art scene. Art galleries and studios line the Old Downtown San Pedro area, and every art lover in the area will tell you not to miss the First Thursday of every month where 6th and 7th Streets come alive with studio openings, gallery events, and live band performances.

All this excitement, but there’s no telling why, per se, that San Pedro has put itself on the map for its artsy, trendy way of life. Be that as it may, it is a bit of an off-the-radar, local favorite. Here you can find designer boutiques, hand-made custom jewelry or wrought-iron works, even the best of LA’s hard-working painters struggling away in some loft above 8th Street. Nestled in by the Los Angeles harbor, the mix of ocean breeze and industry must have just got under everyone’s skin.

Another contributor to the lively Old Downtown scene is the regular visits of the gourmet food trucks. If you’ve not yet heard, there’s a rash of gourmet food trucks filling the Los Angeles area, and while other trucks might serve hot dogs and questionable burgers, these are far from your parent’s food trucks. Here, the best of gourmet LA has moved mobile. While out enjoying the scene, feel free to stop in – the foodies seem to love it in San Pedro.

And you will too. So whether San Pedro is truly on the fringe or not, it should be on the top of your To-Do list when making a visit in lovely Los Angeles.

- Hudson

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