Santa Monica Pier

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Santa Monica Pier

Sunset at the lively Santa Monica Pier: a quintessentially Southern California scene

The world famous Santa Monica Pier offers a variety of entertainment for any Los Angeles visitor. Snuggled alongside the wide and warm Santa Monica beach, the pier extends like a ladder out into the rippling and cold Pacific. An icon for Los Angeles residents, today the pier is a staple for any visitor to Los Angeles who wants to experience a cultural and Hollywood icon.

In 1909, after sixteen months of construction, the Santa Monica Pier opened up to throngs of visitors and quickly entrenched itself into the psyche of all denizens of the Los Angeles neighborhood. Celebrations were held, a matching Santa Monica Harbor was erected, business moved in, a carousel was installed, and eventually mobsters brought gambling ships to port.

As is evident, the pier has had a long and varied history, but when, in 1973, the City Council made motions to shut the pier down and erect a man-made resort island in its place, the citizens rallied and fought for their beloved pier. And lo’, it stayed.

Today you can tour the Santa Monica Pier and have a burger and an old fashioned fountain soft drink, visit the pier aquarium, check out the denizens of the original Muscle Beach and catch one of the current acts currently visiting the pier. Currently visiting the Santa Monica Pier is the Trapeze School New York, offering daily lessons on how to fly high like the acrobats.

So if you want to experience California culture and have a great time doing it, consider a stroll out on the pier. You can look back at all the hustle and bustle of the big city, experience some of the relics of a forgotten age, and even learn to soar through the skies. Not a bad walk!

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