Take a Llama for a Walk

August 25, 2011 by

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Tired of the rat race? Big City Blues got you down? Want something different to mix into your LA experience? Ever pet a llama? La Habra Heights’ ShangriLlama offers Los Angeles denizens a chance to whisk away their troubles and spend a relaxing evening reconnecting with nature in something of a unique way.

Llama Walks, they call these little vignettes of bliss, and for a price, you can take one of these fuzzy, slobbery, droopy-eyed, mammals of love for a walk through the brush and hills. Your small fare includes a picnic, and as a group you set off together to do what people with llamas do – walk. It’s sort of like going backpacking without camping out, and instead it just gives you a chance to connect with these creatures.

Feeding a Llama on the ShangriLlama Walk - Photo courtesy of Funplacesmom.blogspot.com

I can attest to having spent time with llamas before and I must say, they’re darn adorable not-so-little creatures. They tend to ignore you unless you have food, but spend a while with one and you’ll feel the bond. It’s a sure-fire way to wake-up your feeling connected to the earth, if you’ve been stuck in the concrete jungle for too long, and look, it’s just up around the bend.

- Hudson

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