Batu Maung Fishing Village

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Steeped in mysticism and wind of a bygone era, the Batu Maung Fishing Village nestled in the south-eastern tip of Malaysia’s Penang island is the perfect place to spend a day exploring.

Renowned as the “Food Capital of Asia” Penang offers plenty of city sights in Georgetown and nearby beaches, but journey a little further a far and the mutlilayered and multicultural history of this important island port unravels around you.

Batu Maung vessel photo courtesy of Marufish on Flikr

Batu Maung vessel photo courtesy of Marufish on Flikr

Batu Maung Fishing Village has long held local acclaim for the mysterious size 33 foot, 10 meter,  imprint left on a boulder by the beach there. Chinese Penang locals insist the footprint was left by the Admiral Cheng Ho, a famous Chinese hero, while Indian families, who have occupied the island for generations believe the footprint was left by Hanuman, the monkey god. Malay locals believe the island is littered with similar footprints left by a fleeing giant.

See the mystery for yourself and while here, enjoy another talent of the locals – their fishing.

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Batu Maung is actually a series of small villages linked together along the shore by rickety traditional wooden piers. Unlike other castoff areas on Penang Island, Batu Maung is a deep sea fishing port, opening up the treasure trove of deep sea delights for seafood enthusiasts.

Local cafes and restaurants boast delicious marine cuisine as well as the famous Penang white coffee. Easily navigable by foot, the fishing village is the perfect romantic location to watch the sunset over the waters and let the world unwind around you.

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