How to Get Around Penang

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How to Get Around Penang

How to Get Around Penang

Penang is a lovely place filled to the brim with diverse cultural landmarks from its many inhabitants. Chinese, Indian, Malaysian or British, Penang’s history stands strong on each corner and is easily accessible via a very visitor-friendly public transportation system composed of comfortable and sizable buses.

As for a Penang airport transfer, the fare is about $1.25 for a 30 minute ride into Georgetown, and from there you can ride around town for less than half of that cost. One of the more pleasant things about Penang is that the locals as well as the drivers are very approachable, speak English, and will go out of their way to help you (most of the time), so don’t hesitate to ask for directions. Also, tickets are purchased on the bus so worry not about finding a ticket kiosk. If you are planning on touring Penang for a while, bring your passport to any of the main bus hubs and you can get a monthly or weekly bus pass at discounted rate.

For a more pleasurable ride around town, try any one of the several three-wheeled, man-pedaled trishaws located along the streets.

Although taking the bus is the main way to move around the city, many people simply choose to walk from place to place. Where Georgetown is small enough to do this, it’s advisable to travel in a vehicle on busy streets whenever possible, as the streets of Penang have narrow roads, exposed gutters running along both sides and no sidewalks, and pedestrian accidents are not uncommon.

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