Shopping at the Kuala Lumpur Central Market

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Traveling through Malaysia’s sprawling city Kuala Lumpur really means doing one thing, shopping. Sporting some of the best malls and shopping venues in all of Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur affords plenty of opportunity to buy any and all consumer goods you can think of and in due time you will get what you need, but your first stop should really be Central Market.

Kuala Lumpur Central Market

Photo of Kuala Lumpur Central Market courtesy of Khalzuri Yazid on Flikr.

A cultural centerpiece for the country since it was first built in 1888, the now blue and white Kuala Lumpur Central Market features a wide array of inexpensive goodies including textiles, traditional instruments, local artwork and loads of souvenirs, including hand-woven batiks. You can also find lots of other day-to-day things such as produce, meat, groceries as well as some things that might be a little more difficult to identify.

The interior of the market is set up as a string of single stalls, very common in Southeast Asia. On the first floor is where you will be doing most of your shopping and then upstairs there is a food court featuring some terrific local dishes.

Because the market is such an integral and central structure where foreigners and locals alike go, public transportation in the area is very easy to come by. Your best option is to take the Kelana Jaya Line of the light rail to the Pasar Seni station, but if that is not accessible from where you are simply grab a bus or taxi.

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