Best Surf Spots in Mexico

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The Mexican surf at dusk. Photo courtesy of Marlinphoto via Flickr.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just a little grommet out in the water for the first time, if you’ve got the board and the hankering, you probably know that one doesn’t just jump into the waves and expect great surf. Though there are many a beaches in the world, the quality and quantity of surf that any one beach produces is highly variable.

From beginner to expert, you want a nice point break that’ll peel long and steady, providing you with a nice comfortable ride. Chances are, you’ll also be looking to pick you up and carry you for a bit, so some variety is nice. Bottom line, if you’re looking to catch some of the best surf spots in Mexico, here are some great spots to do it.

Baja California is the Southern California go-to escape for catching some good swell at all times of the year. It also happens to be just a road trip away, and if you’re the road-trip type, looking for a quick escape into Northern Baja (Baja Norte), consider checking out 3 emes or Baja Malibu for a surfing type that fits all levels. They’re a bit popular, but still worth the swim, and much less popular than any SoCal beach break you’re likely to find. There are many great options just across the Mexican border.

Learn more about surfing at Ensenada Mexico: Cinderella of the Pacific

Los Cabos – also known for its incredible party arena and all-around great Mexican beach vacation spot, Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas is a great break for all ranges of skill levels. Come here to get a broad taste of Mexico.

Oaxaca – anyone serious about riding Mexican waves should look long and hard at Oaxaca. Salinas Cruz is worth the trip in itself, but rumors abound about Southern Oaxaca and the fabled sand-bottomed points that lie out beyond the road, unridden and waiting for the right soul-searcher to make the hike and hit the water.

-Hudson Hornick

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