Mayan Ruins in Mexico

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Mayan Ruins

Ancient Mayan Ruins in Mexico. Courtesy of amber.kennedy via Flickr.

One of the best activities to partake in while in Mexico is to make a visit to see some of the architectural and cultural wonders. A little sightseeing in Mexico can go a long way, and, specifically the Yucatan Peninsula, there are some great spots to check out. One of the most popular are the famous Mayan ruins. Mayan ruins are scattered throughout Mexico, and many resort towns and popular tourist spots have ruins close by, but here are a few hotspots that any archaeologist would consider him/herself lucky to stumble upon.

Campeche Mexico has some great Mayan ruin sites. Calakmul, for instance, sits smack-dab in the middle of the geographic center of the Mayan region and thus received influences from the North and South. Perhaps this is why the temple itself is so impressive. Towering above the landscape, this Mayan Ruin evidences an uninterrupted architectural sequence which extends across fourteen centuries (550 B.C. – 900 A.D.) Becan is also located in Campeche, just about 6 kilometers west of the town of Xphil. Here you’ll find over 20 major constructions, temple pyramids, and jungle expanse.

In the heart of the Yucatan you’ll find Chichen Itza, the most visited Mayan ruin in the world. This is due in part to the Mexican government’s dedication to the site – eighteen different structures have been restored throughout the years. The pyramid Kukulcan is the tallest and most grand of the structures, and during the spring and fall equinox, rumor has it that as the sun sets the shadow of a snake can be seen winding its way down the steps – a very popular event for photographers.

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Ek Balam, Mayapan, and Dzibilchaltun are other famous Mayan ruins located throughout the Yucatan peninsula. Cancun in particular has some great Mayan Ruins, but if you’re anywhere in Mexico from Quintana Roo to Campeche to the Yucatan, check with the local guides about visiting some historical Mayan Ruins if you feel like expanding your horizons.

-Hudson Hornick

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