Romantic Things to Do in Acapulco

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Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico

Since the 1950s, a glittering golden age of Hollywood stars and starlets who flocked to this perfect bay, Acapulco has been synonymous with glamorous hotels and gorgeous beaches. With the construction of Cancun in the 1970s, and rise of other Mexican resort towns, Acapulco may have lost some of its luster, but little of what brought the beautiful people here in the first place.

Today, Acapulco is a surprisingly affordable beach escape with all the amenities you’d expect in an international destination. Wonderful hotels, like the romantic cliff-top Las Brisas, still recreate the luxurious ambiance of old Acapulco. Those traveling on less will find wonderful spots along the wide, golden beach, and can enjoy a truly romantic vacation.

1) Soak up the Sunshine

After a romantic evening, enjoy Acapulco’s famously flawless weather—with “more sunny days than anywhere else in Mexico” (according to the tourist brochures)—at your choice of almost a dozen fantastic beaches. Caleta and Icacos are family friendly beaches with great swimming, easy access and plenty of activities. Or head to Revolcadero, lined with lovely little restaurants, to escape the crowds. Gay couples could try Condessa Beach, a very popular (some say too popular) spot that has historically been a friendly place to relax.

2) Take in the Nightlife

Acapulco has long been a destination for folks eager to enjoy every minute of their vacation, and offers all sorts of outstanding options for the perfect evening. Choose from dozens of bars, clubs and restaurants, or book an Acapulco nightlife tour that takes in the world-famous cliff divers, sophisticated Kookaburra restaurant with its panoramic views and drinks by the sea. It’s hard to go wrong.

3) Get Something Glittering for that Someone Special

Just an hour from Acapulco is the classic Spanish colonial city of Taxco, an architectural gem of quaint stuccoed houses and cobbled streets in the mountains of Guerrero. In addition to a taste of real Mexican culture and history, a day trip to Taxco allows you to see the several silver mines, and fine artisans selling their sparkling jewelry in galleries all over town. Spend a day perusing the pretty city and its glittering silver, perhaps finding the perfect gift for your one true love (or, yourself).

4) Get Married

With its wonderful vistas, romantic ambiance, range of hotels and inexpensive airfare, Acapulco is a romantic—and convenient—spot for a destination wedding that your friends and family will be thrilled (and able) to attend. Most resorts have wedding planners, or book one of several advertised online. It’s exceptionally easy for foreigners to marry: You’ll need to be in Mexico for three business days prior to the wedding, take a blood test, and provide birth certificates, passports or tourist cards, and proof that you are single if previously married; fees run about US$200. Note that gay and lesbian couples must have the actual civil ceremony in Mexico City, currently the only district where same-sex marriage is legal, but the union is recognized throughout Mexico.

5) Take a Cruise

Celebrate your love on one of several Acapulco cruises leaving from near the Zocalo downtown. If you want to bring the whole wedding party, there are all sorts of festive options, from booze cruises with all the trimmings to sunset sails on smaller ships. Or just enjoy dinner and drinks au deux, and leave the rest of the world behind.

- Paige Penland

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