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jules undersea lodge

Relax underwater in an undersea hotel! photo courtesy of Jules Lodge Klup Facebook profile

If you or anyone in your family is a fanatic of mermaids, the Titanic, or Spongebob and is just itching to spend an entire night underwater, look no further (or deeper) than Jules’ Undersea Lodge. The place is not only super cool but, according to Forbes, one of the World’s Most Remote Hotels, and the only hotel in the U.S. where you can catch your zzz‘s underseas.

This means you’ll have to dive down about 20 feet to reach it – fun! Don’t worry if you aren’t certified; the front entrance isn’t deep enough to require it. But if now is the time to start working on becoming so, they do have a scuba school where you can get good training and even your complete dive certification in three days. They also have something even more tempting: guests get unlimited tanks for exploring the surrounding area. Tempting indeed.

While down there, you’ll have a kitchen, movies and books, hot showers, a phone, and windows to look out at all the fish swimming around you (who’s in the aquarium now?!). Barracuda, angelfish, and parrotfish make up some of the local color, so to speak.

Originally a research lab, the Lodge now usually houses two separate couples, but if you and five friends want to book the entire place out, there’s enough space for it. And if you choose the luxury package, a chef will even scuba down to cook some gourmet grub for you. Many things are possible down here, and more than you might think. Pizza delivery included.

The Lodge is at the bottom of Emerald Lagoon, which is on the island of Key Largo – itself only an hour’s drive from Miami’s main airport. If it looks familiar, you may have been a viewer of the Amazing Race.

Wondering where the name of the place came from? Think 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

-Natalie Grant

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