Top Miami Pools (Part II)

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You might find it hard to leave your hotel

Still feel like going for a swim? Good, because there are plenty more sparkling hotel pools for you to choose from!

At the end of the day, the main reason we all love to swim is because it feels good on the body – whether it’s to exercise, to regulate temperature by cooling off, to have unorganized games of chicken fighting with your friends, or to de-stress and just float. So whatever your reason (heck, even if you don’t have one), get yourself and your new bathing suit to one of these heavenly chunks of blue.

  1. Biltmore Coral Gables: Built in 1926, this place is a National Historic Landmark, and the enormous pool was once the largest in the world. Remember that Tarzan guy, Johnny Weissmuller? He used to teach swim lessons here.
  2. The National Hotel: Long, thin, and tree-lined, the infinity pool – also quite large – will make you scoff at the little bubble of a pool in your suburban neighbor’s backyard. One lap across this guy and you’ll really feel like you’re in paradise.
  3. Surfcomber: If you compare its size or outward glamor with the big kids on the block, you might underestimate it. The best aspect of this particular pool area is that the personality comes from the people, not the architecture. There’s a complimentary wine hour, and the staff is known for being cheery and helpful. A nice alternative, if you’re searching for one.
  4. The Standard: Yes, it has a beautiful infinity pool, and swimming in a beautiful infinity pool is awesome – but swimming in a beautiful infinity pool after you’ve just done sunset waterfront yoga, hung out in a mud lounge, bathed in an outdoor bathtub, caught up on your Tai Chi, and received nutritional counseling… makes the beautiful infinity pool, in context, that much more awesome.
  5. Epic Hotel: Shockingly, the pool is epic. You can see the city and the bay from the 15,000 sq-ft deck, which is on the 16th floor. Fruit plates; need more be said?


 -Natalie Grant

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